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2023: Neighbourhoods' Outlook

Where have we been, and where are we going?
For Neighbourhoods, the last 12 months have been about research in socio-technical design patterns, convening with our community, and agile development and prototyping of the Social Sensemaker — a core feature of the Neighbourhoods framework.
With growing awareness of the need for decentralized social media and corporate interests out of our online group activities, we are optimistic about our specific niche in web3. Holochain, the core distributed ledger underlying Neighbourhoods, is in Beta. And, and our newly expanded team is poised to deliver a major release early next year...

Major Announcement: Neighbourhoods Toolkit 0.0.1

Early 2023, you'll see the release of the alpha version of our Toolkit. We're thrilled to present a usable version of the framework we've been working toward since we launched late last year. Features of that toolkit include:

Toolkit 0.0.1: Sensemaker_lite

  • Implementation of a Holochain DNA that enables groups to add extra metadata on any entry from any other hApp DNA, store, and process that metadata into useful insights via community-defined processes.

Toolkit 0.0.1: Community Activation Wizard

  • The Community Activation Wizard places cultural choices (e.g. resources, dimensions, and methods), into a configuration file that is used to compile into a neighbourhood. Community activators arrange the flow of resources, contexts, agents, modes of sense-making, and scoring computations.

Toolkit 0.0.1: Sensemaker Dashboard

  • Stakeholders of any given neighbourhood must be able to modify their social space. For example, they may adjust and respond to data sharing requests from other neighbourhoods or alter how they compute scores. They may also browse and add additional hApp modules via early marketplace functionality.

Team Expansion

The run up to the development of our alpha toolkit has involved a steady expansion and reorganization of our core team. We have invited contributors across the Holochain ecosystem to lend their rare HC-dev skills to the Sensemaker, Community Activation Wizard, and some applets.
We expect to continue soliciting inputs from engineers and designers with skills in Rust, JS, and Wasm.

Applet Developer Onboarding

In addition to expanding our team of core, sensemaker developers, we have also begun working with 'satellite' developers of NH-compatible applets.
These initial relationships are enabling us to prepare documentation so that anyone can learn how to build basic Holochain applets that work well with the rest of neighbourhoods. Next year we expect to release this documentation, in addition to holding some virtual events to share them, answer questions, and even further broaden our developer community.
Look for announcements from us inviting builders of NH-compatible applets!

$NHT Utility Development

In the year since it was first minted, $NHT has served as the sole way non-team members could support the project.
With the downturn of the crypto space at large, $NHT has experienced volatility accordingly. We have also avoided typical utility development mechanisms (i.e. 'staking') because of the non-ideal dynamics they create, like borrowing and short-selling, and dramatic supply increases when vesting periods end.
Our key focus has been to expand the true number of token-holders by seeding a community of followers looking to build neighbourhoods and who are committed to the vision for the long haul. We believe long-term holders end up benefiting from this strategy through price increases, absent artificial bloating of supply.
However, we expect things to change somewhat as we complete the design and buildout of the marketplace for which $NHT was originally intended to be used.

$NHT Exchange Listings

We have also received some questions from the community about exchange listings. In April 2022, we listed Neighbourhoods on its first centralized exchange, MEXC. Our goal was to make $NHT more easily accessible to people familiar with this style of exchange and to increase liquidity for the token.
While we have periodically weighed the pros and cons of listing $NHT on another CEX for these same reasons, we have been deterred by the crisis in solvency (and confidence!) in these types of exchanges. We know central exchange listings lend legitimacy to nascent crypto projects. Yet, this is at odds with a truly decentralized future of crypto that we perceive in the long run. We will continue to assess accordingly, and, as always, respect the needs of our long-term community members.

Beginning Bazaar Development

The team has begun specifying and modelling core aspects of the Neighbourhoods Bazaar. Read more here.
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